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Mission Conference

This week we had a combined mission conference with the Seoul Mission at our pretty Yeoungdeungpo building where we got to hear from Elder Ringwood and Elder Maynes.  To prepare we did A LOT of cleaning and reorganizing so everything looked up to par for everybody.  Although parts of the church, like the bathrooms and kitchen, were a bit sketchy looking at the beginning, we made them all spic and span by the end!  It’s interesting how as you clean out a little at a time it’s hard to see the difference you are making, but when you take a step back and see the end result, you realize how much of a change there is and how clean things have become.  I guess that’s how life is sometimes.  You may not realize the difference you are making, but when you have an opportunity to take a step back, you can realize that you really have made a change; both in yourself, in others, and in the world!  It’s awesome!

The conference with Elder Ringwood and Elder Maynes was really inspiring and relevant to us as missionaries.  They talked a lot about goals, faith, planning, and prayer.  Without doing those four things effectively it is harder to fulfill our purpose as missionaries.

Mission Moments:

In other news, this week we also went to the temple!  I love the temple with all my heart.  When I truly prepare and go to the temple seeking inspiration and direction, I can always find it.  Sometimes, it’s not always a specific answer like I’m expecting, but just an overwhelming feeling of peace that as long as I keep on seeking to do good and choose the right path, things will work out how they are supposed to be.  It’s a peaceful reassuring hope that allows me to keep pressing forward unwearyingly.

I love serving as a missionary with all my heart!

❤ Sister Stastny