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I love to see the temple

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo this week was temple week!  I love that we have the opportunity to attend the temple every 6 weeks or so in my mission.  It’s such a special opportunity. I always feel so much peace, happiness, and love while I’m in the temple.  The more I have gone to the temple, the more I want to make everywhere I go more temple-like: less-judgmental, more kind, forgiving, peaceful, happy, and more in tune with the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost.  Lately, when I teach people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am trying more to make the setting one where those I teach can learn like I am able to learn in the temple–where they can listen, learn, and feel the Spirit confirming the truth of what we say in their hearts and minds.

Since, we teach people in multiple settings (including, but not limited to, homes, hair shops, buses, subways, restaurants, cafes, sidewalks, and streets), I have learned that in order to make a teaching setting more temple-like, I always have to be temple-worthy.  I always have to be in-tune and following the promptings of the Spirit, diligently, and obediently working as hard as I can to do the Lord’s work.  When I truly am working my hardest to follow the Spirit and live worthily, testifying and teaching people regardless of where they are is a lot easier.  They don’t always like or accept my message, but I feel better knowing that I gave made them the best opportunity I could to listen and learn about it with the Spirit present.

I hope with all my heart that everyone can have the opportunity to go to the temple and feel of God’s love and power and mercy; to feel that peaceful, happy feeling that comes from going worthily to the House of the Lord.  I hope to be an influence for good in helping people wherever I am live worthily to go to the temple and feel of the Savior’s love for them and all His children!

The temple is truly the House of the Lord!

❤ Sis. Stastny


The language is going good!  I haven’t remembered most of my dreams (because I’m so tired and out of it when I go to bed and wake up), but I don’t think I’ve reached the point where I can dream completely in Korean yet.  It is seriously such a hard language.  I think I could spend my whole life studying it and still not be perfect at it.  Even Koreans don’t know everything because they have so many derivations of Chinese characters that turn into a bunch of different words in their language.  It’s just crazy.  But I do like studying it each day.  I can go up to random people on the street and talk to them about most things.  I understand usually the jist of what people say, but when it comes to the complete details, and being able to repeat what they said back, I’m still lacking…but I still have lots of time left to keep learning.

Koreans tell us sometimes that their language is hard for them to understand.  I believe it.  It’s sort of like English–lots of people can speak it, but when it comes to speaking correctly and understanding EVERYTHING (hard words, long, intricate sentences) it’s not always the easiest.  That’s how it is with Korean…except I think Korean is a lot harder than English obviously…hahaha.


The little things matter


My birthday package! Yeah!!!

First off, I’m probably the luckiest person in the world!  I can’t believe I get to spend my 20th birthday in Korea. And it’s a P-day so I can eat some cake, go to some fun places, and talk to everyone in my path (because that’s what I love to do as a missionary). Also, I’m still 21 in Korean age (I’ll turn 22 in the New Year’s)…but I’m 20 now in American age!!  Age is confusing.

Anyway, this week I learned that the little things do matter.  We are always doing a lot as missionaries–talking to people, teaching those who want to learn, serving others, uplifting others, and spending time with the ward.  Sometimes, it seems like the little things don’t matter or mean much to people, but I learned that they do.

This last Sunday, during Relief Society, there was a discussion about inspiration.  One of our lovely members (who we had visited a couple weeks before and shared a quick message with that we hadn’t prepped beforehand) talked about how she felt really strongly that the scriptures we shared was pure inspiration from God to her.  I remember that we had originally planned to practice teaching a principle with her (so she could help us with Korean), but because time was running short, our plans didn’t work out so we shared a scripture instead.  The scripture was small, and it didn’t seem like much to us at the time, but she said it really meant a lot to her.  It taught me that the little things that we do to help people come closer to the Savior really do mean something.  No effort to do good is ever wasted…and I truly mean and believe that.

I also learned from that experience that Heavenly Father always provides a way for His work to get done.  Our plans may not always work out as prepared, but the Lord’s plans are never frustrated.

Mission Moments:

It was temple week!  I love that I have the opportunity to go to the temple every 6 weeks in my mission.  Such a blessing.  The temple is a place of peace and love.  I always feel strengthened when I visit it.

One of my favorite Korean desserts–bingsu!  MMM…


Yesterday we were fasting…but my companion cooked brownies (for the nighttime) and put them right in front of me to see how much will power I had!!  AHHH 유혹! Big temptation, but I resisted (thought you might like the picture though…hehe)

I love being a missionary and I feel so blessed to share what I love most (this Gospel of Jesus Christ) with others!  I know this church is true and that God does live and love all of us individually.  I wouldn’t be a missionary if I didn’t feel that undeniably in my heart and soul.

❤ Sister Stastny

Talking to EVERYONE

This week I went on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader and she taught me a lot about the importance of talking to EVERYONE!  She is amazing Korean, and taught me a lot through teaching and talking to everyone on the street.

There isn’t ever a shortage of people in Korea.  On average, I would say we run across (AT LEAST) 100+ people a day.  There are lots of people, but talking to everyone isn’t always the easiest.  They can be busy; they can run away half way through a sentence to catch a bus; they outright ignore you; or be rude to you…BUT the blessings that happen from talking to everyone always outweigh the worries.

While I was on my exchange, my Sister Training Leader said “Annyeonghaseyo!” (hi) to a lady walking down the other street.  After this lady passed, my Sister training leader all of the sudden jumped around, came back to the lady and started talking to her.  At first, the lady looked uncomfortable and uninterested, but as my Sister training leader kept talking (naturally and kindly), she began to ease up, and start asking questions.  In the space of about 2 minutes, the whole disposition of this woman changed and she invited us into a cafe, bought us hot chocolate, and asked us to teach us more about our church..(so we taught everything about 예수님의 복음의 회복 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

It was a big testimony builder about the importance of talking to everyone and to not be discouraged if they initially seem uninterested.  The lady was so grateful that we had talked to her, because she did (and still wants to continue meeting) to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I asked my sister training leader what she had thought to make her turn around and talk to the lady, and she told me, she just felt a big duty to talk to everyone that God placed in her path, and at least give them an opportunity to learn about the Gospel.   That really touched me.  So since then, one of my goals has been to talk to everyone that God places in my path, and not let rejections stop me from inviting everyone else to hear about our happy message. 🙂 I know Heavenly Father has been blessing me to know what to say to different people (and how to say it in Korean) ever since I made that commitment.  I feel really grateful for that.

Mission Moments:

In other news, we had our primary program this week at church, and my heart just completely melted.  Korean children are the cutest.  We had lots of people show up to see the program that hadn’t been to church in a long time and they all left with a big smile on their face.  Children are just the best at inviting the Spirit in with their honesty and sincerity in their love for Jesus Christ.  I loved it!

Here’s a video of some girls in our ward (who were in the hanboks in the front in the I Love To See the Temple video–at about :50). I love it!

I hope you have a good week! love you!

❤  Sister Stastny