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Bugs and Baptism


Another week in Korea and I feel blessed beyond belief.  There’s been a lot of crazy bugs everywhere lately.  I attached a picture of a spider (my camera takes lots of blurry photos- sorry), and a demonic looking creature crawling on the sidewalk that belongs in a horror movie.  What is it!  I have no idea, but I was pretty intrigued with it-hence why I took a picture:)


MOVING ON… This coming Sunday our investigator- Bro. Y. is preparing to be baptized! Woooohh!!  It’s amazing!!! Brother Y. is 18 years old (maybe, I still haven’t learned how to convert the Korean age to American age so that’s a round about guess). His mom, Sis. P. is a member that hadn’t been to church in 20 years when Sister H. and I found her.  We started meeting with her every week and doing our 30/30 program with (30 minutes English/30 minutes Gospel).  We taught her for about 6 weeks…and there was absolutely no progress.  She was really impatient and there seemed to be nothing that was able to touch her heart.

One day, we talked about prayer.  She told us she had never felt good, peaceful, or happy, when she tried praying.  We taught about what to pray for and how we can be more sincere in our prayers, and she agreed to give it one shot.  She said the closing prayer and something was different in the house.  We all could feel it.  When she said “아멘” Amen, there were tears in her eyes and she looked at us and told us she felt it.  She felt the Holy Ghost.

Ever since that experience, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and the Liahona daily and coming to church weekly.  Her kids, after watching their mom change, were understandably intrigued and started coming to church with her.  Her son, Bro. Y., loved his experience at church so much that he actually came to the bishop and asked him how he could be baptized.  Since Sis. K. is Korean, we were summoned to teach all the lessons and answer any of his questions so he could be ready to be baptized soon.

Yesterday, we had a lesson with him and his mom, and he bore testimony to us about the commandments and the truthfulness of the church.  It was really powerful!  In his closing prayer, he told God that he knew he was living and there (“하나님 게신다는 것을 알고있습니다”), and it just was the best thing I’ve ever heard.  When he ended, his mom was just in tears.

I came over to hold her hand and she looked in my eyes and told me, “Thank you for waking me up.” I don’t think anything could have meant more to me.  I still can’t speak Korean perfectly, but God is helping me fulfill my purpose and invite others to come closer to Christ. It was a really touching. I’m so excited for him to make such a special covenant with God.  I’ll tell you how it went next week!


Sister Stastny