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Nothing more rewarding

Hi Everyone!

This week we celebrated one of my companion’s 21st birthday.  Her parents sent us some bubblyz (sparkly cider), so we drank it up like we were sister missionaries celebrating a birthday at the MTC! Whoop whoop (cause we are)! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFun fact: Because of the way they count age in Korea, I’m also 21!!!  Which is so awesome!  Being 21 rocks!

We got a group of Native Koreans here. Somebody’s mom (not one of the Koreans) sent them Kimchi, so they gave it to the Koreans and they loved it SO MUCH! I have never seen someone love a food that much. It was pretty funny. They idolize it. I’m actually really excited for the food in Korea.

The MTC is really great. They feed you ice cream at lunch and you can have cookies and root beer for every meal if you want—but you shouldn’t, you really shouldn’t! Ha ha! Besides the food, you get to hear really cool speakers. It’s like you get a personal General Conference every week. It’s awesome!

A mission is a lot of work though. Even here, we put in 16-hour days and every hour you’re working, studying, AND feeling the Spirit. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, but I am going to tell you that NOTHING is more rewarding and worth it than being a servant of the Lord.

We sang an arrangement of a song called Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer. It was SO POWERFUL! The lines are so beautiful:

“Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, we are weak but thou art strong.”

And there’s this part where it gets louder and then the choir is singing at their loudest:

“Curb the winds and calm the billows, bid the angry tempest cease.”

The MTC choir director makes me love choir. He makes it his goal to teach and expound upon all the doctrines in the song so we’re not just teaching, we’re testifying. I respect that a lot.

I have a pretty funny story to share.  Once a week we have TRC (Training Resource Center) where volunteers who are fluent in Korean come in and we share an uplifting message with them about Christ.  This week our volunteer was a returned missionary from Korea and I couldn’t understand him at all.  He was using a lot of grammar forms and conjugations that we hadn’t learned yet, so I was dead blank. 

We asked him a question and he started answering and I didn’t know what Korean he was speaking…So I just smiled and nodded. I must have been doing a pretty good job because he turned to me and said something and then he stopped.

So I said, “Dashi?” Again?

And he said the same thing 3 more times. I just kept staring at him.  Then he started pointing towards me and touching his head.  It turns out he was asking me, “Can you understand?”, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying–he was mumbling and kept shifting in his chair.

Anyway, I thought since he kept pointing toward me and touching his head he was complimenting my face or something (because obvi…just kidding), but I dwerped out, “GAMSAHDEURIMNIDA!” Which not only means “Thank you,” but is the highest form of “thank you” which you ONLY use when talking to Kings or praying to God.

I knew it was the wrong answer as soon as I said it, but everyone thought it was pretty funny.  The best part of this story though, which I found out later, is that one of my companions used to date this volunteer. That’s why he was so uncomfortable. Bahahaha! It was great.

Anyway, I guess what I’ve learned through studying a different language is that you have to be able to laugh when things don’t turn out the way you would like them to.  I just have to keep trying everyday even when I think I can’t speak Korean. Haha:)  There’s a quote by Elder Bednar that I really like:

“It’s not what we say, it’s who we are that’s important.” 

That comforts me.  I hope I can be the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be.  I love the support that you continually send my way.  All of it means a lot, even if I don’t have that much time to write you back about it.  Thanks!

Love you,

Sister Stastny