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 This week has been fantastic!  I felt strongly and surely that the Lord was strengthening me because of the prayers of others.  I can’t explain it, but I know it’s true.  I’m not sure who has been praying for me, but I know that God does answer prayers and I am extremely thankful for it.  I’ve been able to grasp language concepts faster, retain vocab words, and feel good everyday this week.  Thank you.

The first thing I should tell you is that I’ve inherited a new companion.  She’s a solo sister in a group that got here a little before we did, and I get to be her companion outside of class.  She’s adorable.  I’m pretty stoked to say that I have 3 other companions, too.  I want to know if that’s a record. Haha.

Me & my 3 companions!(L-R) Sis. Hurst, Sis. Mcnatt, Me, Sis. Orme

Did I tell you that Sister Hurst’s parents are in the MTC too?  They were called to New Delhi, India, but their visas got rejected, so they’re waiting to be re-assigned.  We see them all the time. I’ve adopted them as my MTC parents because they always brings us treats and Korean snacks from the outside world!  Senior missionaries are treated like royalty here.  They are pretty great.  I love them.

My companions and I met an Elder from Beijing, China!  That’s amazing because the Church isn’t allowed to proselyte in mainland China.  It was humbling talking to him because he has sacrificed SO MUCH for this church and to serve a mission. It’s amazing.  He knows that this gospel is true. It makes him happy and he wants everyone to feel that happiness.  Talking to him was great.  It strengthened me.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes of the week:

“You have 18 months to serve and the rest of eternity to think about it.  Make it count.”

Even though the schedule is rigorous, the language is hard, and the food sometimes is cold, I love that I am here.  I love being a missionary.  I love Jesus Christ and the strength I feel from being His disciple. It’s amazing!

I love you!

Sister Stastny