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Transfer Time

Well, transfer calls came this weekend and I’m going to transfer to my second area- Gimpo (김포) and be companions with my first American companion since the MTC, Sister T!!!  I’m really excited to see how it is, but saying goodbye to everyone in my lovely Yeonsu has been heartbreaking.  I just love them so much, but I really am excited to open my heart and love those living in Gimpo.

Yeonsu is a little southwest of Incheon. Now I’ll be in the Gimpo area.

I don’t think I could have had a better last Sunday in Yeonsu.  Our investigator, Brother Yoon was baptized after church and everything just went perfect.  Over the past few weeks, and through Korean EFY (Especially For Youth), he has made a lot of member friends who all showed up to support him.  He seems really excited about the future (learning more about the church, going to the temple, and serving a mission).  It was great to see how much he has progressed and see him make the first sacred covenant along his path back toward Heavenly Father.

There were lots of people that were saying goodbye to me at church and taking pictures and exchanging emails and such…but one girl really touched my heart.  She came up to me and held my hands and told me she was going to miss me.  She’s a member who I love, but that I don’t always understand.  I told her how much I loved her too and she started crying a little bit.  She told me that I really had helped her feel loved and welcome in the ward when she was going through a hard time.  I had no idea that this had ever happened or how it happened, so I was a bit confused and surprised.  She told me, however, that every Sunday she could feel my love and see it in my eyes, and that meant more to her and helped her more than any words could.

Pictures of lovely Yeonsu Ward members

It taught me that I don’t have to have elaborate conversations (though I try and study my hardest everyday in order to do so in Korean) to share my love.  True Christlike love transcends cultures, languages, and any other obstacles that may stand in the way.  Christlike love is everything.  I really believe that.

I hope you have the best of weeks!  LOVE YOU! 사랑해요!

Sister Stastny ❤