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Ducks and Joy


(I finally learned how to write in Korean on the computer contraption)

This week has been awesome.  First off,  I have an awesome story for you.  This morning we went to the temple and after our session we went to eat breakfast in the Temple cafeteria (which tastes SO good after weeks of processed MTC food).  While in the cafeteria, we started talking to some people to see how they were doing and try to brighten their day.  So we meet this lady in the cafeteria who had hosted an exchange student from Busan, South Korea (that’s where Orme 자매님 (Sister Orme) went for her mission this week!).

She told us that she had taken this girl around temple square and a bunch of other sites and she just loved it.  All she had ever known was Buddhism, so being introduced to Christianity was really exciting for her.  She even asked the lady why there weren’t more missionaries from our church in Korea because she loved it.  It was great!  So we got the name of this lady and the name of this Korean girl, and she promised she would send us more of her contact information so missionaries in Korea could invite her and her family to learn more about the Gospel.

It was amazing!  We got a referral for the missionaries in Korea even though we’re still in the Provo MTC.  How wonderful is that!  I’m coming to learn that there aren’t coincidences in missionary work. The people I’ve met here are put into my life for a reason. I’m really thankful I opened my mouth and talked to this lady in the temple cafeteria.  Now we can pray for her and her Korean friend. Woo-hoo!  I love praying for people!

In other news, a couple of the older groups from our branch (including Orme 자매님) left for Korea this last Monday.  I am seriously so excited to go to Korea.  I’m not very good at Korean, but I am pretty good at being happy and sharing my love of the gospel with others.

The group of Korean natives were giving everyone Korean names and mine was 기쁨. Hopefully I spelled that right. It translates to JOY in English.  Yahh!

Haha. I learned this week that I’ve been accidentally saying 어리 “ducks” instead of 우리 “we”.  Ahh! So I’ve been saying things like:

“I know that if ducks keep the commandments, ducks will be happy” and “God loves ducks very much!”

My district always jokes with me because if you pronounce God wrong, too, you could easily say, “Hippo.”  So one could say a prayer that starts off, “Father Hippo, please bless the ducks!”  That would be great.  Oh man, learning a new language is fun.  I really do love it.

I hope you all are doing well.  Stay safe!  Have fun!  Do good!

사랑해요! (sarangheyo!)

스태스니 자매
(Sister Stastny)

Inviting others to Christ

Hi everybody!

Thank you so much for your letters and “Dear Elder” letters.  They make my day every time I get one!

This week we had a group of native Koreans come to the MTC.  They are honestly the cutest human beings on the planet.  One of the sisters is from New Zealand and is pretty good at English.  One night I went to talk to her after a rough day of studying Korean all day, but not making much progress. She told me a story about how the missionaries that converted her Father were terrible at Korean.  One missionary had been out a while, but had the worse pronunciation, and the other missionary was fairly new and didn’t know any Korean.  She said that even though her father didn’t understand what the missionaries were saying, he felt the Spirit so strongly that he knew their message was true, and was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our leaders are constantly reminding us that our purpose is not to speak Korean; our purpose is to invite others to Christ.  Korean is just a tool to do that.  I’m trying to remember that so I don’t get discouraged when I’m having trouble with the language.

In other news, Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke at Relief Society on Sunday.  She wrote A Child’s Prayer, I Love to See the Temple, Love is Spoken Here, I’m trying to be like Jesus, and tons more wonderful songs.  A Child’s Prayer is my favorite, so it was amazing to meet the woman who wrote it.  I love music.

My companions and I joined the MTC Choir so we can get out of our classroom for a little while. It is honestly one of the best decisions we have made yet.  The Choir director is brilliant.  He’s always cracking jokes and expounding on the doctrines in the songs.  It makes the music way more powerful.

My district is fun.  My companions and I are the only sisters in the group so sometimes the Elders are crazy, but it’s funny. This week, during study time we were listening to LDS Radio and You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban came on. All the elders started singing and flapping their arms.  It was bizarre, but hilarious.

This week during personal study I read in the Bible Dictionary about Prayer, Fear, and Isaiah. I highly suggest that you read those sections if you haven’t because it’s AMMAZZINGG!  The section on prayer is especially powerful.

I was also reading in Jesus the Christ this week and I came across this quote that is beautiful.  It says:

The Purposes of God, as they ever have been and ever shall be, are infinitely superior to the deepest designs of men of devils.

How awesome is that!?

I’m sorry this is kind of short and that there are no pictures (I forgot my camera).  I just want you all to know that you are consistently in my prayers and I love you all! Send me “Dear Elder” letters so I feel special!

Love you!
Sister Stastny