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Questions of the Soul

I did not miss the super bowl.  You know me and sports, and how we don’t understand each other very well.  It’s funny, because out of all the sisters in our mission that love and miss their sports, I’m in the ward where we play sports the most for missionary work.  I have to play basketball every week and I realized I don’t know how to do it! I just thought that if you throw it in the hoop, you’d be good. Well, nope.  So I’m learning how to play sports good so people will want to talk and have me on their team and so I can find people to teach. Haha. It’s the life!

This week we had the opportunity to meet with a lot of people who were all going through different stages and hard times in their life.  Although their circumstances were all different, they all seemed to have the same question:

Why do we have to suffer in this life?

One of our investigators (a girl from Russia who’s a champ at Korean) has been really struggling with this question and her relationship with God.  She has been going through some hard times lately and has been wondering if there really is a loving Heavenly Father or not.

As we were meeting with a young women from our ward this week, we felt prompted to ask for her input on this question.  She immediately said in her cute Korean accent, “NO PAIN, NO GAME.”  We laughed and agreed, but as I thought about it, I realized the truth behind what she said.

In 2 Nephi 2, Lehi tells his son Jacob,

Thou art my firstborn in the days of my tribulation in the wilderness, and behold, in thy childhood thou hast suffered afflictions and much sorrow…Nevertheless…thou knowest the greatness of God; And He shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain.

The Lord allows us pain for our gain!

No matter who we are or where we are, we are bound to face trials, afflictions, and sorrows.  But if we continue to trust in our amazing, loving Heavenly Father, he will bless us, and He will consecrate our afflictions for our gain!!!

I really believe that God doesn’t want us to suffer, but he wants us to have joy, and learn, and grow to become more like Him.  Without hard times, however, we could never progress in the way that our Heavenly Father wants us to!

I’m so thankful that we do have a loving Heavenly Father that cares for us and understands us perfectly.  God is good!

❤ Sister Stastny