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And the Lord thy God shall lead thee


This week was great! But it did not start off ideally how I thought it would.  Every appointment I tried to make cancelled and we were left to knock on doors and talk on the streets- where I felt like we faced more rejection than I ever had.

I came home pretty discouraged one night and began to wonder, “why me?”  “why now?”.  As the remainder of my mission is ticking down, I’ve never felt like I have worked harder; but with that I’ve never felt like I’ve faced more hardships.  A while later, out of the blue, I received a text from my mission President telling us he had been thinking of us and wanted me and my companion to ponder over the blessings promised in the hymn Be thou Humble. The blessings are these (promised to the humble that seek to serve God):

  • The Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand and give thee answers to thy prayers.
  • The Lord thy God shall bless thee with a sweet and calm assurance that he cares.
  • The Lord thy God shall teach thee to serve His children gladly with a pure and gentle love.

Those promise gave me a lot of hope and comfort and I knew that if I got on my knees and asked God in sincere prayer for help, He would answer my prayers.  So I prayed for a long time that night truly believing that God would hear and answer my prayers, and lead me by the hand throughout as I asked.

I was a bit worried when the next day I got a text from one of our members saying that she couldn’t meet with us as planned.  But, right after that I received a text from another member saying that she wanted to introduce us to a family friend of hers who might have a lot of potential to become members.  A REFERRAL- no way!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve received a referral while serving here.  It was a giant blessing!

And the blessings continued.  Lots of members that hadn’t been able to meet with us in past weeks found time and offered us a lot of help and referred us to less-active members and other people that really needed our help!

Even though the hardships and worries didn’t completely stop, I feel as if God gave me new eyes that are more able to see His hand and influence in my life.  And because of that, the worries and hardships I was struggling with don’t even seem to matter anymore!

Because I felt that God answered my prayers, I desired that He could help make me an answer to someone else’s prayers.

On Sunday before church we got a call from a family on their way to China (where they would have to do church services online for a couple years).  They wanted to attend our English branch before they left but didn’t know how to get there.

During church I received a random text from who I thought was the family, asking for help to get to the church.  We left the service and went to the subway station, where we met the family.  They kept on thanking us for showing us where the church was and saying that we had been an answer to their prayers.  We felt thankful to God for the opportunity to serve, but we began to realize how miraculous the situation was when after dropping them off to the Sacrament Meeting, we received a text from the same number saying that they had almost arrived at the station. What?

We ran back to the station just in time to meet a college student studying abroad who needed our help getting to church, too.  We gladly showed her the way.

It was then that we realized the family didn’t have a working cell-phone to text or call us on outside of their apartment.  They had simply prayed that someone would be there to guide them to church, and there we were–waiting outside the subway station for them.

It was humbling to realize that God had guided us to where we needed to be at the right time to be a tool in His hands and help his children.

I LOVE SERVING AS A MISSIONARY! I love you with all my heart too! Have a great week and always trust that God will guide you!

❤ Sister Stastny