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Riding the night bus


I’m in 김포 (Gimpo) and it’s awesome!!!  It is such a big area.  I’m used to walking a lot in my last area, but to get anywhere in this area we have to take the bus. The buses are usually crowded so we have to stand the whole time and try not to fall over when there’s any breaks or bumps.  I know I’ve said it before, but they really are so much like the night bus from Harry Potter that I almost have to remind myself I’m going to an appointment, not Hogwarts to share the Gospel (though, that’s a dream for sure).  I usually get off the bus and buckle over because I feel so sick, but hopefully the more I get used to them the less sick I’ll be.  We’ll see.

A lot of our time in Gimpo is spent traveling to appointments, and talking to everyone on the way (which has actually been pretty effective so far).  Me and Sister T split up on the buses so we can meet and talk to more people.  Everyone in our area is pretty easy to talk to.  No one seems to be in too much of a rush to not have a few minutes to talk.  It’s really nice.

Other fun facts about my new area: To get across our whole area it takes two hours by bus–which is a long time in Korean travel standards.  We also have the Gimpo airport in our area, it’s not as big as Incheon airport but it’s still a great place to meet and talk to people.  We’re also pretty close to North Korea (don’t worry Mom), that just means that on P-day’s we can travel to the peace observatory and DMZ and see it if we ever want.   We have a lot of farms and countryside–which are gorgeous!!!  And we have a couple ISLANDS that we get to travel to by ferry–I’m so pumped!  We’re probably the only area in the mission that has permission to get on a water-mobile thing–Booyah!!!

So everything and everyone in Gimpo seems really great! I already love the ward and our investigators to pieces.  I miss my precious Yeonsu, but Gimpo is winning my heart pretty quick, too.

It’s neat being with different people and seeing what their different talents and strengths are.  Sister T is from Las Vegas. Neato!   She also is fluent in Spanish, so we have some investigators that we teach spanish, English, AND the Gospel too!  Wow, that’s really fun!  It’s not always easy being with someone 24/7 (minus bathroom time), but I think it is fun to learn about different people and the way they think and view the world.  There seems to be something uniquely different that I’ve learned from every companion so far, so I’m excited to learn from and progress with Sister T too:)

[pictures from last week are posted if you want to go back and look at them] I love you always 사랑해! ❤

Sister Stastny