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Plans–Ours & the Lord’s

In missionary work, we make a lot of plans.  We plan (and back-up plan) what we are going to do during every hour of the day.  Sometimes our plans work out, and sometimes they don’t.  What I’ve come to realize throughout my mission is that the Lord’s plans always work out!  If we are living faithfully and obediently, His work will never be frustrated (even if our plans seem to be).  The Lord has a plan for us!

This week I had an experience with this as we were preparing to head out the door to start our work for the day.  The lady that we had wanted to see, told us she couldn’t, our back-up plan sent us a last minute text cancelling too.  Our day was completely open and empty.  We said a prayer, asking that Heavenly Father would guide us to know what we could do that would be effective, and then we went out and started working.

As we were out, we passed an apartment where I knew an old lady who is a less-active member of our church lives. We had tried in the past to meet her without success.  Her apartment has a keypad and code to get in (which are not our friends as missionaries), and we couldn’t find her exact house number anyway to ring if we wanted too.  As we were walking past her house this time, however, a person just unlocked the door and let us right in (what?! That never happens! It was huge miracle!).

I know that Heavenly Father was leading us to her, because her husband had recently died and she seemed really lonely.  When we first got into her house, she was really somber.  None of her lights were on, and a window was open and it was freezing cold.  She cut up some fruit to share with us–like is natural in Korean culture–and then she sat there glazy-eyed. We said a prayer in our hearts that we could somehow help her, and felt prompted to start asking her about her family.  At first she just gave us little, one word answers…but as we continued to ask about her family and show genuine interest in her, she started lighting up little by little until we were looking at pictures with her and laughing and listening to all her good experiences.

In Preach my Gospel it says that “People typically have spiritual feelings as they talk about families.”  I witnessed as I was with her, talking about her and her family, how the spirit started entering the house.  It started becoming lighter and happier, and I could tell she was more willing to listen to us when we asked to share a simple message from the Book of Mormon.

It’s hard to describe in words just how meaningful and amazing being a part of these experiences is, but I hope you can always live worthy to have the Spirit’s influence in your life so you can have your own spiritual experiences and recognize them!  Just go out with a determination to do something good, even if you’re not exactly sure what it is yet.  I know that the Lord will guide us to where HE wants us to be if we are living worthily and faithfully; and that when we get there, we will realize just how amazing God’s plans are and we will be incredibly thankful.

This is the Lord’s work, and this is His restored church. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be a missionary sharing the good news!

❤ Sister Stastny

PS: Happy Thanksgiving! (I forgot my cord, so pictures are going to have to wait till next week, sorry!)