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Recognizing the Spirit

CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  The most heavenly, gorgeous, astounding season in Korea has arrived–cherry blossom season!  Oh!  I love it with all my heart!  Everyone does.  They just turn all the streets white and pink and everything looks so beautiful and almost sacred. It’s super fun being outside and talking to others.

So along with the coming of spring, has come a lot of miracles that happened because of the power of the Holy Ghost.

I realized a while back that I don’t always point out the spirit to my investigators when I feel it. Our Sister Training Leader told us if we can feel the spirit, so can our investigators. The problem is that they may not always be able to recognize it.  If we let them know they are feeling the spirit, whether or not they decide to act on it, we will be more successful teachers.

That sunk into my heart as we began teaching one of our investigators this week.  She attends the Presbyterian church actively and told us she doesn’t want to change that. We felt like we should teach about the Holy Ghost and how we can recognize it.  As we were teaching I felt prompted to share an experience about when I first got my mission call to Korea.  I told her it was absolutely terrifying.  It was! I was so worried because I knew nothing about Korea, and absolutely no Korean.  So that night I prayed more longer and more sincerely than I had in a long time, and as I prayed I felt the Spirit comfort me, and give me the confidence and courage to do the things that He wanted me to.

I don’t know why I needed to share it, but I felt the spirit fill the room as I did, and at the end she began crying (which I’ve never seen her do before).  We waited a little bit, then I asked her, “Do you feel that good, warm, peaceful feeling?” She nodded her head and I witnessed to her that she was feeling the Holy Ghost. We then bore our testimonies that the things which have been taught her are true and we know they are true because we felt that same power of the Holy Ghost confirming it to us.  It was a powerful lesson, and we felt that regardless of her decision to join this church or not, we have done what Heavenly Father wanted us to.

The Spirit truly is the best teacher!

Mission Moments:

❤ Sister Stastny