Write Me

DSC02069Email: Kimberly.Stastny@myldsmail.net

 Mail letters or packages to:

  • Sister Kimberly Stastny
  • Korea Seoul South Mission
  • 29, Wiryeseong-daero
  • 22-gil, Songpa-gu
  • S. Korea 138-855

2 thoughts on “Write Me”

  1. Kim this is Tim Bryan your favorite uncle or at least that is what I hear.LOL I am so proud of you and very excited for you, seeing your pictures brought back memories of when I went on my mission in 1984.

  2. Sister Stastny!!! I LOVE this blog. You are such an awesome missionary. You are so positive and uplifting to those around you. I miss you! Thank you for sharing your letters and wonderful pictures. Your glowing personality shines through – I’m loving it. Our mutual activity next week is a dance practice….oh how I’ll miss you : ). I’ll do a special dance in honor of you – hee hee.

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