Rainy Season & Reunions


I have no idea where the time is going but everyone is telling me that I have only 2 weeks left!  This week I was told I have my exit interview with President Morrise.  There’s about 19 other missionaries going home with me so he has to start early.  Thankfully, an exit interview doesn’t mean I’m finished yet.  I still have time to serve the Lord here in Korea. 아싸!~

This week the monsoon season hit us full blast!  It’s humid and rainy all the time and I think I haven’t been completely dry since last Monday.  But I absolutely love it!  All the trees and flowers are bright rich colors and everything looks so beautiful.  I just love Korea with all my heart!

We had a zone conference this week where a person named P.J. Rogers came and talked to us. He was hilarious and so fun to listen to.  He served his mission in Korea and came back here afterwards to go to school.  He made a goal to have a conversation about the Gospel every month.  After a while of doing that it became too easy, so he changed it to a conversation about the Gospel with someone every week. He seems to be having a lot of success as a member missionary and was really inspiring.

We met for zone conference at a new church in 인천 (Incheon)-where I first started off my mission.  It is probably one of the nicest churches I have ever been to, anywhere.  It was gorgeous.  What was even better was that I got to see a bunch of sisters from 연수 (Yeonsu)-my first area!

In my first area me and my companion worked really hard with a lady named Sister Park who had been less-active for 20 years.  After teaching her a couple lessons I felt like there was no point in coming over ever again.  Her heart seemed so hard and she couldn’t understand our lessons no matter what materials or members we brought along to help us.  I honestly wanted to drop her at one point, because I thought we were wasting our time.  It was then that out of no where, I was filled with the most warm, indescribable love for her.  It was bigger and stronger than anything I think I’ve ever felt.  I knew it was God’s love for her and that we had to continue teaching her.  About a month later she was re-activated, and her children began to take the lessons too and come to church, and were eventually baptized.

I saw her at the Zone Conference helping the Relief Society sisters with a service project.  She was smiling so big and talked to me about how she has completed been changed, and now is “completely active” in the church.

I think nothing could have made me more happy than to see her so happy and to hear her say that.

Mission Moments:

It’s hard to think that soon I will have to leave, but I know that my efforts to serve the Lord in Korea have not been for nothing.  No effort is ever wasted.

I love serving as a missionary with all my heart!  And I find a lot of comfort knowing that I can serve as a missionary my whole life-where ever I am- with or without a badge.

❤ Sister Stastny