Elevator Miracle


View at night from our apartment

This week I official hit my 18th month mark.  I say that, but I don’t believe it!  At least I still have some more time left.  Whew.  That’s great because this week we had some big blessings!

A couple weeks ago we began a conversation with a lady in the elevator.  It wasn’t anything special (I think we just gave her a compliment) and then parted ways, but no sooner did we say goodbye than the lady ran back to us, asked if we were missionaries, asked if she could learn English and the Gospel from us, and asked for our numbers.  We learned that she lives two doors down from our apartment!

We were in the middle of sending a text to her and following up when we get a knock on our door from her this week!  She asked where our church was and we set up and appointment to meet the next day.  I think it’s the first time that an investigator has come to us!

It’s not that often when people knock on missionaries doors asking to meet! It was great.

What’s even greater is how much she loves and cares for families.  She began going to church as a young mother so she could pray and obtain blessings for her family.  How cool is that?  We’ve been focusing all our lessons on how the restored gospel blesses families.  She seems really open to our lessons and because we live so close to each other and so close to our church I think she has a lot of potential to learn and progress really fast!

Mission Moments:

We’re really excited to teach her more!  This week we also went to the temple! Yah!  Love the temple!

❤ Sister Stastny