Subway miracles

In front  of our church
In front of our church

This week we were blessed to see some little miracles due to our efforts to talk to everyone!

On Tuesday, We were on a subway seeking to talk to people, when a man sits down next to me and we start talking.  We only had time to exchange a few words (hardly even had time to tell him we were missionaries) because his stop was next, but I got his business card.  I felt prompted to send him a text as soon as he got off the train and explain who we were and what we were doing in Korea.  At first I was hesitant, hoping that I could do it another time. But I felt the prompting again and sent the text.  I explained that we were missionaries serving  in Korea, that we taught about Jesus Christ, and that we want to serve just like Jesus Christ did so we taught free English.

To my surprise, he texted immediately back asking if he could be invited to our church’s English class.  I gladly told him yes and gave him the church’s address. That Saturday he showed up to church for English class, met the other missionaries, and loved it!  He promised to come again this week and seemed really excited for it.  He seems to have a lot of potential so we were really happy!

Another small miracle we saw from talking to people also occurred on a subway.  It  was rush hour so  there  were a lot of people packed on the train and we were standing really close to people.  You think this would be an easy time to talk to people since you have about 7 people directly next to you, but most of them have earphones in and are on their phones and refuse to make eye contact with anyone.  I noticed however, a lady that didn’t have any earphones in and was just fanning herself with a pretty hand fan.  I bowed toward her, she bowed back-then I started asking her about herself and her family.  I got to telling her that we were missionaries and we started a more religious conversation.  She attended another church and refused to take any flyers or pamphlets from us, but  as we were getting off  the train she  stops me, puts the Korean fan in my hands, smiles and tells me thank you.  It sort of shocked me, but I was really grateful for her kindness.  Even though she refused our message, I knew that we had represented the church  in a good way and that perhaps next time in the future she would be more open to  accept our message.

I really have a testimony that as long as we work our hardest to open our mouths about the gospel (regardless of whether others accept or not), we will feel that God is pleased with our work.

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