Lifting in New Ways

It’s funny how sometimes things turn out differently than you expect.

This week we had planned to drop by on a member’s house, but both me and my companion felt like we should change that to go and see our favorite grandma in our ward.  We started heading over there and had a prompting to bring something to her.  We went into a shop to buy some fruit, but instead felt like we should buy a delicious drink (aloe water-yum!).

I gave her a call when we were approaching and she answered “오지마!” “”O-ji-ma!” Dont come! – because she had been feeling pretty sick and didn’t have any food to give us (like is custom when you visit a Korean’s house).  I persisted a little and told here that we had already eaten, and just wanted to give her a present.  She told us not to.  I told her we had already bought it, so she asked if it was 먹는 것 (something to eat), and I told her it was 마시는  것 (stuff to drink) and she told us s to 빨리와 (Come quick).

It was probably one of the funnest times I have had visiting a member on my mission, but it didn’t initially start off that way.  She seemed a little down and lonely when we first got there- so we mostly listened as she explained how she’s been hurting lately and how she misses her husband that passed away a couple years ago.  We listened, then she turned on her old-times Korean music.  I started doing a little dance to it (just being my dorky self), and she thought it was so funny so she started doing it too- then next thing we know we’re just silly dancing for the next 10 minutes.  Sister Lee (our Korean grandma) just had a huge smile on her face and even got up and danced as much as she was able to.  The whole time she just insisted that we must have had professional lessons in America (even though our dancing was honestly terrible) haha.

I just looked at Sister N as we were doing our little jig and smiled.  Would I have ever thought my mission would lead me here– dancing to old Korean music to make a grandma smile? Not really.  But I could see that even though we felt ridiculous, we were brightening her day helping her get her mind off other things.  She thanked us afterwards for cheering her up and for sharing a small scripture message.

It’s not really what we had expected, and I don’t think it would be appropriate for a lot of other situations, but we all felt happier and lighter afterwards.  I feel like Heavenly Father works through us, and our unique and quirky personalities- whoever we may be, to help others when we are trying to do what’s right.  Missionaries don’t have to be robots that visit, share a routine and outworn message, ask for a referral, and go.  We can be ourselves, and rely on the Lord to work through us as we are and as we may become, to help and uplift others.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I’m always excited for what the next day will bring and I’m excited for what the next week will bring!

(Sorry there’s no pictures!  Forgot my camera cord- next week I’ll hopefully remember)