General Conference Miracle

This week was a little slower for some reason, but we still got to teach a lot of people about the Gospel in different ways and that was great!

One of our miracles for the week happened after we had finished watching the Saturday morning session of Conference.  We were going out to get lunch when these 3 college-age students stop us in the hallway of the church and start talking to us. Because our church is really big and there are lots of activities at it, I’m used to not knowing everyone who comes into the church.  So I was assuming they were members when all of the sudden one of them asks– “Can you teach me how to pray?”

My companion and I were just taken aback, but we gladly obliged. It turns out someone on the street had handed them an English Flyer and they decided to come today (not knowing that it was canceled due to General Conference).  They went to the Chapel and saw all the members watching General Conference and decided to join in.  They came for English, but left wanted to know more about the Gospel!  It was a great miracle and a great testimony builder about the power of General Conference!

Mission Moments:

Missionary work is the best!
❤ Sister Stastny