SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis week in 영등포 we worked really hard to find a service opportunity in the community besides teaching our free English class. It took a lot of trekking and talking to a lot of community centers and information places, but in the end we found a place that looks like it might have some really good opportunities! Yah!

As we were looking for a community service activity, I was amazed at all the unplanned, spontaneous opportunities to serve that came into our path. One day we ran into an elderly couple in our ward and learned that they were planning on spring cleaning for the day! Well, we quickly jumped on the opportunity and went to work in our missionary attire, scrubbing off mold, grease, and dirt, killing spiders, and washing blankets and clothes so they wouldn’t have to. When we left, the house was shining and the spirit was very strong. I think the more we served and scrubbed the more our own weariness and stress was washed away. We left feeling like we had gained more from the service than we gave.

In addition to that, multiple of our investigators called and asked us for help with this or that (packing for a trip, help getting groceries at Costco…and so on). On the streets, we were able to also meet lots of people that we could serve (whether it was giving them directions to a place, or help carrying a heavy bag). As we kept our eyes open for those in need, Heavenly Father just put tons of opportunities to serve in our path! It’s true that the one that serves always seems to get more than the recipient. Serving just brings so much happiness and joy!

President Thomas S. Monson said, “We are surrounded by those in need of our attention, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our kindness…we are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with a mandate to serve and to lift His Children.”

Thats so true! Service is the best!

 Mission Moments:

❤ Sis. Stastny

Raining Blessings



This week there was a LOT of rain.  It’s interesting how people see rain.  Some see it as a burden and annoyance–a token of a bad day–while others see it as a blessing and acknowledge the strength and nourishment it can give to the plants and environment.  I think this is a lot how people interpret commandments too.

We have been teaching a 10 year old girl and her mom.  We talked this week about the 지혜의 말씀 (the word of wisdom) this week.  We weren’t sure how they would accept this, so before we taught our lesson we prayed a lot for guidance and help.  We started off with the question “How can we take care of our bodies?”

At first they didn’t really understand what this would have to do with church, but as they kept on thinking of ideas they included waking up early and going to bed early, not drinking alcohol, not smoking, and eating healthy food.  The Spirit came into the room as they thought of more ideas and we began talking about how our bodies are a gift from God so we have to treat them well by keeping the Word of Wisdom.  We read For the Strength of Youth together (on health) and they loved it (especially the mother).  She accepted the Word of Wisdom full-heartedly and thought it was great that we should avoid addictive substances (like tea and coffee) in order to be healthy.  They loved the Word of Wisdom and committed to live by it from here on out before we even extended an invitation.

A little after this we taught about the Word of Wisdom to another woman, who had a hard time accepting it.  It seemed to be the most miserable thing she had ever heard.  No coffee or tea or alcohol!  She seemed so wrapped with what she didn’t like about it that she missed what she could gain from it–blessings of health and wisdom, strength and energy.


I realized that if we see rainy days as miserable days–we’re probably going to have a miserable day.  But if we see rainy days as a blessing from God–knowing that rain brings nourishment and health and gorgeous spring flowers–we’ll probably be more thankful for them.

Just like rain brings nourishment and strength to the earth, so do commandments bring us nourishment and strength from above.  We may not always realize it, but they do!  Keeping the commandments will always be bring us blessings from above!

Hope you have a good week!

❤ Sister Stastny

General Conference Miracle

This week was a little slower for some reason, but we still got to teach a lot of people about the Gospel in different ways and that was great!

One of our miracles for the week happened after we had finished watching the Saturday morning session of Conference.  We were going out to get lunch when these 3 college-age students stop us in the hallway of the church and start talking to us. Because our church is really big and there are lots of activities at it, I’m used to not knowing everyone who comes into the church.  So I was assuming they were members when all of the sudden one of them asks– “Can you teach me how to pray?”

My companion and I were just taken aback, but we gladly obliged. It turns out someone on the street had handed them an English Flyer and they decided to come today (not knowing that it was canceled due to General Conference).  They went to the Chapel and saw all the members watching General Conference and decided to join in.  They came for English, but left wanted to know more about the Gospel!  It was a great miracle and a great testimony builder about the power of General Conference!

Mission Moments:

Missionary work is the best!
❤ Sister Stastny

Recognizing the Spirit

CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  The most heavenly, gorgeous, astounding season in Korea has arrived–cherry blossom season!  Oh!  I love it with all my heart!  Everyone does.  They just turn all the streets white and pink and everything looks so beautiful and almost sacred. It’s super fun being outside and talking to others.

So along with the coming of spring, has come a lot of miracles that happened because of the power of the Holy Ghost.

I realized a while back that I don’t always point out the spirit to my investigators when I feel it. Our Sister Training Leader told us if we can feel the spirit, so can our investigators. The problem is that they may not always be able to recognize it.  If we let them know they are feeling the spirit, whether or not they decide to act on it, we will be more successful teachers.

That sunk into my heart as we began teaching one of our investigators this week.  She attends the Presbyterian church actively and told us she doesn’t want to change that. We felt like we should teach about the Holy Ghost and how we can recognize it.  As we were teaching I felt prompted to share an experience about when I first got my mission call to Korea.  I told her it was absolutely terrifying.  It was! I was so worried because I knew nothing about Korea, and absolutely no Korean.  So that night I prayed more longer and more sincerely than I had in a long time, and as I prayed I felt the Spirit comfort me, and give me the confidence and courage to do the things that He wanted me to.

I don’t know why I needed to share it, but I felt the spirit fill the room as I did, and at the end she began crying (which I’ve never seen her do before).  We waited a little bit, then I asked her, “Do you feel that good, warm, peaceful feeling?” She nodded her head and I witnessed to her that she was feeling the Holy Ghost. We then bore our testimonies that the things which have been taught her are true and we know they are true because we felt that same power of the Holy Ghost confirming it to us.  It was a powerful lesson, and we felt that regardless of her decision to join this church or not, we have done what Heavenly Father wanted us to.

The Spirit truly is the best teacher!

Mission Moments:

❤ Sister Stastny