What I did!


Since I don’t want to make a cohesive letter today, I’m just going to make a bullet list with some of the main things I did! Heehee sorry, but here it is!!! Cue the drumroll…

  • Met with our amazing investigator from Russia and had a girl’s night after a hard day of work for her where we could have fun, relax, eat junk food, and watch Legacy.  She thought the acting was hilarious, but seemed really interested in the actual history of the movie.  She’s been investigating the church for a long time, but didn’t know much about the pioneers, so it was cool watching her eat the history up.
  • Helped poor Sister L after she strained a muscle in her back during exercise that she couldn’t move from her bed all day.  It was a good opportunity to serve her and it made us all thankful that we are in a tri-panionship so we could split with a member and teach some people we had made appointments with as well as watch out for Sister L.  Tri-panionships are the bomb!
She may hate that I sent this, but it’s just priceless!  Poor Sis. L after she hurt her back
  • Played basketball and made a goal during the game!!! Woop woop!  Have to be careful not to get prideful now that my basketball skills are improving.  My companions and I are actually making a lot of friends with the people who come, and in turn they’re starting to bring their friends! It’s a really good way for people to be in our church and get to interact with missionaries and members casually and friendly.  Our mission President even came this week to play and showed off how good he was at basketball–haha.  It was really fun and a great opportunity to meet lots of new people.
  • Had 수화반!  Korean Sign Language Class. I know a enough of the basics to have simple conversations with our deaf members now, but I (and they) have to use our acting skills for the rest:)
  • Got Transfer calls!  Sister L is leaving and Sister N and I are staying in Yeongdeungpo!
  • Had a linger longer with our English Branch after church and ate more American food than I have my entire mission. It was delicious, but we were all sick afterwards.  We need our Gimbab and rice and fruit!


My companions and one of our recent converts!  Absolutely love her…and yah, I cut my hair. Happens…stay tuned for how it will be different next week! Who knows!
That was just some of the things that I did this week!  We always see a lot of miracles and feel the influence of the Spirit guiding us in all the things we do. It really is a great privileged to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I love it!
❤ Sister Stastny