This week we had the opportunity again to work directly with our members throughout missionary work!!

It started after we had a lesson with one of our recent converts.  We were already planning on spending the day with a young woman to show her what missionary work is like, when our recent convert asked if she could join us too.  Of course, we said yes and decided to go together (all 5 of us) to serve as missionaries.

On the subway, Sister L. noticed that a lady standing next to her was reading the bible on her phone in Mark.  We started talking to her about our love for the Bible and the Book of Mormon and she was very kind and seemed genuinely interested in our message!  Our recent convert bore testimony of her conversion and got her number, and our Young woman invited her to English class!  It was awesome!  We just took a step back and let our wonderful members work their magic! They were so amazing!  I just love them.

As if that wasn’t miraculous enough, we saw a little while later a couple of people talking to each other in Korean Sign Language.  Since we have a sign language class at church (and lots of amazing deaf members to talk to), we were somehow able to sign to them that we’re missionaries learning KSL and we have a good message about Christ to share!  They were a little surprised that we were learning Sign language, but seemed touched that we had attempted to talk with them.

We were able to visit some needy members in our ward, do service, talk to a lot of people, teach our recent convert that 6-inch heeled stilettos are not practical missionary shoes, and just overall spread Christ’s love and help our members feel a deeper fire to share this wonderful gospel!

Mission Moments:

I went to Gangnam this past Saturday to the BEST RESTAURANT OF MY LIFE… called Spoon the Street, or Spoon on the Street.  Oh so good!  It was like this yummy shabu-shabu stuff (샤브샤브) and a huge buffet! LOOK IT UP!  SO YUMMY!



The weather is warming us here (sort of- it’s bipolar so it changes all the time).  My favorite smell comes in Spring when the flowers start blooming (especially the cherry blossoms), my all time hate smell is food trash…yuck!  All nasty and separated because Koreans separate EVERYTHING!

Things that make me laugh–grandmas…they’re just funny.  They just say (a-ee-go!) all the time (just a sound like Oh my or something), aren’t afraid to push people or touch people haha.  I love them

It was a wonderful week!  Can’t wait to see what this next week brings!

❤ Sister Stastny