Chinese New Year in Korea

This week was 설날 (seolnar)–Lunars year’s!  So it was pretty fun!  Most people went back to their hometowns to spend it with their families, so this week was pretty dead.  Because no one has time to meet the missionaries, we had a big conference together where we went hiking and watched Meet the Mormons!  So fun!  On our hike, every district was given a Book of Mormon story to reenact through pictures only. Can you guess what story it is and what part me and my companion played (HINT…baah! Ahh! Arms off)



Being in a tri-panionship is super fun!  Sister N. is from Salt Lake and is just an absolute sweetheart.  She’s always finding ways to serve and help out at home and cares for everyone in Yeongdeungpo already so much (even though she hasn’t had the opportunity to get to know them very well).  I love her and Sister L.  We’re able to get a lot of work done with each other and work with each other really nice so that’s a blessing.  We also are able to do this while getting little less sleep too because we love talking to each other at night time too! haha


This week Sister Jo  got baptized! The missionaries have been teaching her for a long time, and she’s been attending church for a long time, but she’s been scared of committing to baptism. God helped her realize, however, that she needs to put her faith before fear and take those small steps that will lead her to something even greater!  It was a really good baptism!  The sister missionary that originally was in the ward she first attended before she moved was there.  She had a big support group and it was great!

Missionary work is the best! Isn’t it!

Mission Moments:

Seolnar Hike

Yummy snack of steamed silkworms. It didn’t have a bad taste, but when I bit down all the steamed silkworm juices gushed out and I spit it out–in front of the lady who sold them! Oh my goodness! I felt so bad. That’s probably so disrespectful….but she laughed  so I think it’s okay.  Haha!


Pictures of our fancy, cute little apartment. We have a washer/dryer combo under our stove, so we’re pretty envied by all the mission.

Family Night with the Ward

Sisters will be…awesome!


❤ Sister Stastny