We got transfer calls last night and Yeongdeungpo is getting a Tri-panionship!  Sister L., me, and Sister N. (a cute sister who came in the group after me in the MTC)! We are so pumped!

I think Heavenly Father was preparing us for a tri-panionship because this week we had an interesting request from one of our youth. She’s considering serving a mission when she’s older and asked us if she could spend a couple days serving with us while she’s on a break!  Of course!  It was so fun!  We woke up and did our regular studies in the morning at the church, taught lessons, proselyted, and lived as missionaries the whole day.  It was the best!


She was so cute!  Even though she has taught with us before in lessons, she felt a different duty this time and studied and marked the lesson pamphlets with notes and scriptures and was almost trembling before one lesson with anticipation and excitement.  She attended district meeting with us and was marking every scripture that was mentioned!  So great!

She’s a convert and the only member in her family, so as we taught others, we were also able to teach her and help her with things she’s wondering about.  It was a really good opportunity to serve with one of our young women and help her along the way! It was a fun week!

This week is 솔날 (solnar) by the way!–Chinese New Year’s!  So we’re going to party like it’s Christmas in America!  Woop!  Woop!  Actually, everyone is going to their hometowns to be with their families for the occasion so we might spend a lot of the week finding service projects!  (Which is equally as fun, to be honest!).

Mission Moments:

Also…one of our investigators (Sis. Jo Ha-nee) is preparing to get baptized next Sunday.  Please pray for her!  She’s been investigating and attending church for a really long time and she’s finally decided to receive baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  We’re hoping that she’ll be able to stick to her commitment. We’re praying for her really hard!

❤ Sister Stastny