Surprise Baptism!

Yeah, we had a surprise baptism this week. Missionaries have been teaching a cute young woman for a little over a year now and she’s been wanting to be baptized for a long time now.  She’s too young and needs permission from her parents (which they haven’t given her), so she’s been waiting and attending church ever since.

Our church (I literally cannot seem to take a whole picture because it’s so big)

She was going through a hard time and her parents could tell, so they asked what they could do to make her happy. She told them to give her permission to be baptized!  They consented and she called us out of the blue one morning and told us to bring baptism papers over so her mom could give written permission.

After doing that and passing the baptismal interviews, Kang-jin was ready to be baptized!  On Sunday, we had her baptism! It was after church so the whole ward attended to support her. The Young Women’s president, who has been working with her and helping her from the start, gave a beautiful testimony on God’s will and pressing forward in faith and hope.


Before this though, Kang-jin was changing into her baptismal clothes and she asked us when she was done if she could come in.

Okay, this is probably my fault, but I thought she meant come into the room where all the ward was gathered (Korean is hard). So I told her yes, and waited.

But then I heard a splash and realized my mistake.

We ran into the font and there Kang-jin was just sitting on the stairs waist-up in water, with a face like “Baptize me!”

We laughed and ran frantically to get a dry pair of baptismal clothes so we could have the service in the right order haha. It was pretty easy to get her dried off and ready to have the little baptismal service, so that was a blessing!


Besides that, this week I was called on last minute to give a talk in Korean Sacrament Meeting.  It was on Joseph Smith’s First Vision, so I had it in the bag and was able to talk for the needed time.

I also had to sing three songs in church! One with the choir for English branch, one with the choir for Korean ward, and one for Kang-jin’s baptism.  I sing so much as a missionary that I’m starting to thing I actually enjoy it! (Oh no! What am I becoming!!)

God is good! And I know he really is looking out for us and caring for us! Hope you have a good week!

❤ Sister Stastny