Lord’s Tender Mercies

This week we had our Stake Christmas Party and it was the best!  We had a nice little dinner and then a huge talent show. Seriously my favorite Christmas party ever!  Laughed, met with lots of members, sang (wasn’t good, but sometimes you got to do things for the Lord that you don’t want to), ate, and just had the funnest time of my life!

All the missionaries sang Heal the World by Michael Jackson (don’t ask me why?  I don’t know, but everyone loved it).  Sister Lyman and I also got roped into doing a Korean love song with our district…it was..umm terrible.  We don’t sing, but we sang haha.  A disabled girl played the piano and sang at the end with us so she saved our act with her adorableness!  Anyway, Here’s a video with some very short clips from the show.


I honestly don’t know how people expect me to leave after things like this!  I just love Korea and everyone here with all my heart. By the way, Koreans love to sing!  And they belt their hearts out when they do!  I love it!  They have karaoke places everywhere!  It’s so popular!

I also got to go on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader this week and we had so many miracles.  Sister H gave one of the most amazing trainings I’ve ever had on my mission.  Usually lots of Training leaders are given a topic they can talk about and they apply it to each of the sisters individually.  However, Sister H wanted to try something different, so the day before she chose to study for me.

Looking like an eskimo 🙂  I bought the coat because A) the owner of the store is a potential investigator, and B) it was cheap and cute and warm 🙂

I began sharing what I learned in Personal study with her, and she’s flabbergasted.  Everything I had studied that day she had studied the day before too–almost exactly!  I read 2 Nephi (the Isaiah chapters); and so did she.  I read in Jesus the Christ about the apostle Peter and his work after Christ’s resurrection- stopping before Stephen the martyr…and she read in Acts about Peter and the apostles (also choosing to stop before Stephen’s testimony and death).  We also read the same parts in Preach My Gospel.  And the best part is, none of us knew what each other was studying!

She also shared with me 2 Nephi 16 (where Isaiah sees the Lord and is forgiven of his sins)– honestly one of my most favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon (which she had no idea of before)…and we were just blown away.


Sometimes there are ups and downs as missionaries, and I was having a rather down time before this…but when this sister gave her training to me, I knew that it was only through the Spirit that she could have planned so perfect for me.  I felt sure that God knew me perfectly and I was astounded and ever thankful for Him.

I realized that if God could inspire her to so clearly and conveniently to receive revelation for me (this random missionary from Idaho), how much more could He inspire me and all of the missionaries around the world to receive revelation for our investigators!

I was touched by the power of the Spirit, the power of God, and the power and authority of our calling as missionaries for the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was uplifted, motivated, and grateful for the tender mercy of God. I really know that God does still inspire men and women everywhere! How amazing is the Gospel!

Mission Moments:


Me and a recent convert from the Phillippines (honestly one of the most faithful people I have ever met in my life)


Snow in Korea! It’s cold!!!


A family I absolutely adore!  Meeting with them and preparing them so they can go and be sealed in the temple 🙂


Erin (that’s her English name) is one of the most cutest creatures on the planet.  She’s amazing at English (and Korean) and is progressing little by little as we teach her each week 🙂  I love her to pieces!  She has a cute little lisp when she speaks English, and combined with her Korean accent, she’s just the most adorable thing ever!


This sister is always at her hair shop, so we come there to meet with her and teach her the gospel.  She loves religion and listens and asks questions better than most of our other investigators. We have a lot of hope for her.  She also likes to cut my hair a little every other time I go into her shop!  I swear I’m going to be bald by the time she’s prepared to be baptized…haha.

Have a great week!

Sister Stastny

스태스니 자매