Annyeonghaseyo! 안녕하셍요!

Shabushabu? (샤브샤브) Such good food! You put a bunch of veggies and meat into a broth and them wrap it up in some rice paper and it equals the best thing ever:)

December came in as cold as it could! The ward gave us some fleece-lined tights and we’ve been wearing about 2 pairs, (along with 2 pairs of gloves, boots, 2 heavy jackets, a long sleeved shirt, and sweater or 2, a hat, a scarf, and pretty much anything we can find to keep us warm). Technically, I don’t think it’s as cold as Idaho (I’m not sure how Fahrenheit coverts to Celsius, so I’m just guessing), but because I’m surrounding by a river and an ocean, and because we are in a more country part of Korea than Seoul, the wind blows and it feels like you’ve just plunged into the icy Arctic waters!

But, God’s love is warm, so missionary work is easy!

An especially extraordinary experience happened this week! We have a recent convert in our ward from Singapore and if you met her you’d fall in love with her immediately! She got baptized earlier in the year and always comes faithfully to church even though she doesn’t understand everything that is said. Her husband is Korean and is not a member, but he loves philosophy and religion and usually accompanies her to church. The missionaries and the ward have asked him if he will ever get baptized, but he has told them “later” for a couple months.

Well, miracles of miracles, as the elders were meeting with him this week (on Wednesday), he told them that he pondered and prayed about it, and he wants to be baptized…on Saturday. What?!!

He’s been to church for months and has received all of the needed lessons, so all he had to do was be interviewed for baptism. All the missionaries were praying and fasting for him as hard as we could. Our mission president (who actually knows them personally) also joined in the prayers.

Saturday comes…and he passed his interview and he was prepared to be baptized!!!

It was a beautiful service, and more than half of our ward came (despite the late notice) to see and support him and his family!


On Sunday, he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost! Both him, and his wife were radiating! It was amazing to witness them both come a little closer to Christ.

one of the famous twins
one of the famous twins

Even though his baptism did not come at the time that the missionaries and ward wanted or expected…it came. I know that the Lord is always watching out for those we love and preparing them in ways we can hardly comprehend.

My companion and I at the temple (before it got so freezing cold)
My companion and I at the temple (before it got so freezing cold)

God is amazing! Jesus is truly the Christ. And this is His restored Church. I’m so glad to be a part of it.

사랑합니다! (sarang-hamnida) LOVE!
스태스니 자매 (stastny cha-mae) Sister Stastny