First Snow

Gimpo got it’s first snow for the year this week!  It melted by the morning, but it’s still freezing cold.  All the Korean high school students had their ACT/SAT-type of test this week…which is a big deal!  They study insanely hard because it determines whether they will get into college or not.  It lasts about 6 hours and it sounds SO HARD.  I think it’s part of the reason why we don’t really have the opportunity to teach much high school students (because they literally are studying from dawn to dusk during their high school years to pass this test.

Anyway I’m mentioning this because there’s a jinx apparently where it always gets drastically bitter cold on this day, and I want you to know that it was (and since then) has been bitter freezing, bone-chilling cold.  Because we’re right by the Han river, and close to the ocean on the other side…it feels like we’re plunging into ice cold water when we walk outside.  But, to be honest, it’s pretty fun.  When the conditions are hard, it makes me appreciate being a missionary and sharing this Gospel and warming up people’s lives.

Sis. H and I
Sis. H and I

This week has been filled with a bunch of amazing things.  My trainer, Sister H, is going home, and I got to see and catch up with her this last P-day.  While serving in Yeonsu together, there was a young single adult’s mom that we tried really hard to work with and teach. She’s the lady that we went on a hike with and took some pictures with a while back.  Anyway, she’s so lovely and I love her to death..but while serving there our schedules never seemed to work out, and we weren’t able to teach her.  However, I learned recently that she had been bedridden, deathly sick, but her sons and the ward started praying for her, and she miraculously got better!

After she recovered, she contacted the sister missionaries serving in Yeonsu right now and told them she wants to get baptized!  She said that she knew from that experience, that this church had to be true!  There just couldn’t be any other explanation for her miraculous healing.  So the missionaries are currently teaching her all the lessons and preparing her for baptism!!

I’m seriously so happy for her and her family!  Sister H and I had prayed really hard that she could taste of the joy of the gospel with the rest of her family.  I’m so glad that the Spirit was able to touch her and guide her along a path toward Christ!  The Lord is miraculous!  I love this Gospel!

I know that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.  The answer might not always come at the time or in the manner that we expect, but I know that it will come.  We just have to be faithful, patient, and hopeful.

Mission Moments:

Have a great week and stay warm!

❤ Sister Stastny