Sticker Boarding




About once a month in our Gimpo ward, we have the opportunity to teach what we call Mini MTC at our church!  It’s where all the missionaries come together and teach the youth about missionary work and how we can share the gospel.  It’s really nice because it motivates our youth to be member missionaries and allows us an opportunity to teach them the things that we have learned through our missionary work.  So usually, we just teach a little from Preach My Gospel, then do a role play with the youth, but this week, we wanted to do a hands on activity.  So we decided we would go STICKER BOARDING with the youth outside on the streets!

I’m not sure if I have explained what sticker boarding is already, but I’ll give another explanation just in case.  So we have a board that is divided into usually four sections with  questions inside each of the boxes.  At the top there’s usually a big main question:–(the one that I used yesterday said “If you met God, what question would you ask?”.  The questions in the boxes included: “What is my purpose in life?”, “Why is there suffering in the world?”, “How do I balance my work and my family life?” and “How can I find peace and happiness?”


We take these boards out on the streets (usually to a busy intersection) and pass out stickers to people to put in the boxes on the question that they would ask.  It’s a really good way to talk to lots of people, start conversations about the Gospel, and have a fun time while doing it.

I loved doing it with the youth because they really looked to us as examples and we were able to light a spark in them to do missionary work.  They obviously can speak Korean more fluently than me, but they kept on coming up to us and asking “What do I say if a person asks this, or does this?” “What do you say?”  So I would tell them the simple thing that I say, and they’ll say, “That’s perfect!”  I don’t think anything I was saying was too special, but it was nice to be able to help them anyway.  We told them, that the way to be a better missionary is to live worthy to have the Holy Ghost with you always and to faithfully, courageously follow those promptings everyday!

I loved having the opportunity to share a hands-on missionary activity with them and hopefully inspired them to better prepare to share the gospel in their own daily lives.

Mission Moments:

I know this church is Christ’s restored church!  There’s so much peace and joy that I receive from being a member of this church that I can’t help but want to share it with everyone! This Gospel is amazing!

❤ Sister Stastny

P.S–Check back on the Miracles post to see a video and pictures I couldn’t download last week from our Halloween party.