Miracles Every Day

Happy Halloween!

That was our topic in the conversation English class this week. Fun! For our Family Home Evening that we had as a ward, we had it Halloween-themed. We dressed people up as mummies with toilet paper, had a pinata, and drew those mix-matched monsters that we always use to do during family home evening! It was a blast.

Also, on Halloween, I had 낙지덮밥(nakji deoupbab). I’ll let you look it up to see what it actually looks like, but I think you will think it was an appropriate Halloween meal haha! It was actually really delicious. Me and my companion ate all of it (which is the polite thing to do in Korea, so we do that anyway), but we actually enjoyed this meal. 🙂

Stir-Fried Octopus with Rice – Octopus, onion and carrot, stir-fried in a red chili sauce

So in missionary work, we see so many miracles every day, and sometimes every hour if we’re looking hard enough for them, so I just want to share about 1 day this week and a few of the miracles we saw throughout it..


The first miracle happened quite unexpectedly. We had 3 appointments scheduled for the day–Kate (Names changed: a recent convert from the Philippines who moved to Korea for work) at 1:30pm, Julie (an investigator we teach English and the Gospel to) at 4:30, and Eunice (another investigator we teach English and the Gospel to) at 8pm. So after we finished lunch, we had some awkward time before Kate’s appointment, so we went outside and started walking. I was racking my brain for what we can do, or who we can see, and I think of an investigator that we haven’t seen in a long time.

We had already tried to visit this investigator the other day, but she wasn’t there; but we decided to try again, and MIRACULOUSLY, she and her family is home!!! We were able to share a message with her about prayer, and she opened up more to us than I had ever seen (another miracle) about how she doesn’t know if God it there, so that’s why it’s been difficult to try praying. We told her to ask, “God, are you really there?” And talked about how she can receive answers through the Holy Ghost. It was a simple lesson, but it seemed to touch her and she seemed willing to experiment on the things we had taught her (miracle).

This investigator’s lesson was running a little long, but Kate (the recent convert we were going to meet next) texted us in the lesson telling us she was going to be about 30 minutes late (just the time we needed to get to the appointment on time). It worked out perfectly (another miracle)!

With Kate, we learned about her conversion story (she was baptized about 5 months ago in the Philippines) and about the hardships she is going through in her life right now but overcoming through her strong, triumphant faith in Christ. We talked about family history and she was really excited to learn how to do that and prepare to go to the temple to perform baptisms for her deceased ancestors. (She’s just a miracle in herself, so being with her was really fun and enlightening).

So after Kate, we headed over early to Julie’s area. I had spent a lot of the night before, going through old records and trying to find members, or less-active members that might live in her area just in case we had some extra time. So we were walking around the area and I see an apartment named “Oe–oolim” and it sticks out to me. I look through the sheets of addresses I have, but all I can find remotely close is an apartment named “oo-mi-lim”-which is nowhere in sight.

Because we have time though, my companion suggests we go over there just in case it is the right apartment (even though we know the names are different). We feel good about it, so we start walking toward it, and lo and behold, we greet these 2 ladies, tell them we’re missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ, and they tell us they’re interested! We get their number and set up an appointment to meet with them next week right then and there!!! Giant miracles!! It’s interesting how the sprit nudges us in different ways so we can meet the people we’re supposed to. I’m so grateful for it.

After that, we got to teach our investigator Julie the first lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel. When we shared with her James 1:5, we asked her “From this verse, what can we do if we have a question that we want answered?”

She seemed a little flustered at first, but as we asked a little more questions about the subject we realized she was just blown away at the idea that she could ask God anything she wants, and talk to Him openly as she would a close friend. I testified that Heavenly Father really does want to communicate with us, and her eyes just got big with amazement. At the end of the lesson she jumped and asked if she could say the closing prayer (another fabulous miracle)! In her prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for the new things she had learned with us. It really touched my heart. I’m thankful the Spirit spoke to her and made our message more amazing than we ever could on our own (definite miracle).

To end the day, we got to teach our other investigator, Eunice, about the Restoration of the Gospel, too. I love teaching about the Restoration because it’s just a giant miracle in itself. I think about how crazy amazing it would be to hear something like that for the first time—that God does live and talk to His children today personally, just like He has in times of old; that Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I always feel the Spirit when I teach about Joseph Smith’s First Vision. I really know he was a prophet called of God. The Church of Jesus Christ is the true restored church of Jesus Christ.

In summary, it was a miraculous day! (I haven’t even included all the blessings, the nice people we got to meet on streets, the delicious foods we were fed, the lovely weather, and just the blessing of serving in beautiful Korea). I know God is always with us in this, His work.

Miracles do happen!

I love serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

❤ Sister Stastny

(<<that is a Korean syllable that looks like a person! When said, it sounds like “oot”) Random, but enjoy!