Oh Happy Missionary Work

Okay!  This week has been fabulous…I might say that every week…but I really mean it.  I got put with Sister L from my same MTC group and we are just loving it.  It’s fun being with someone that is at the same point in the mission because you get to really learn with and from each other more than other times.  We get to learn and teach each other what we learn and I feel like we are progressing in the language even faster together!  We’re just having a blast!

Since I’ve only been in Gimpo about 7 weeks (and our area is massive), I still don’t know how to get everywhere, but Heavenly Father helps Sister L and I out a lot.  The other night we were going to visit a less-active, and we were trying to find an address and were really lost.  We asked lots of people (who were very willing to help us out; if Koreans don’t know where a place is they will usually always take the time to search on their phones, or ask other people and help), but no one knew where this particular address was!  So we were meandering through streets, humming hymns and saying hi to people when I look up and see the small apartment complex that we were looking for!!!  It was a miracle!  We couldn’t see any entrance to get into the complex area, so we jumped a wall (modestly in our skirts, mind you), just to look back and see that the entrance was a couple yards away, hidden by mass surplus of foliage (oh sweet missionary work haha)!

Anyway, the Lord has been helping us out like that in many ways!  We’re not always sure how to get places, how to say things perfectly in Korean, or how to do a number of other things- but when it comes down to it, Heavenly Father is always there, and what needs to be done, gets done.  I have a big testimony that this isn’t our work, it’s the Lord’s work.  Even when our plans don’t go the way we expect, the Lord’s work is never frustrated.

Mission Moments:

I know the Lord is definitely helping us out here and I’m so thankful for that. I love being a missionary and sharing this happy Gospel!  It’s awesome! Have a good week!

❤ Sister Stastny 🙂