Hanboks and Talks

This week was 진짜 훌륭해요! Really amazing!  We had 추석Chuseok- Korean Thanksgiving, and it was so much fun.  We had a big day with all the missionaries where we ate delicious food, received some training from our mission president and our mission president’s old mission president (yeah he’s still alive–he’s Korean), we went outside and did service, and then we had a big talent show!  It was such a great day.



Lots of the missionaries wore hanboks (the Korean traditional dresses that they had either bought or borrowed from members). I have a confession, I think Korean hanboks are gorgeous, but on average they cost 200,000-400,000 won–about $200-400USD.  I couldn’t find one in time for a missionary chuseok conference, but the day afterwards I obtained THREE, for $40. I was really blessed.  Two I got at second hand stores, and the third was given to me by a member.  Koreans are SO NICE!


We had a meal with this member and I asked her if she had a hanbok that she wore for Chuseok.  She showed me the hanbok, had me try on the hanbok, then she told me it was mine!  I didn’t want to take her hanbok, and I told her I couldn’t take her hanbok, but the more I persisted the more insistent she got.  When Koreans offer you something, it’s like when Grandma G. offers you money, there’s not really an option but to take it.  So now, I have 3 beautiful hanbok’s.  I’m really 항복해요 haengbok (happy).


This week was full of a bunch of great things.  I have been preparing a five minute talk about the Book of Mormon to give in Korean during Sacrament meeting, and I got a call Saturday night from the second counselor telling me that it needed to actually be 10 minutes!  AHHH!!  I screamed.

But I practiced all the things I knew, prayed a lot, and I was able to talk for a full 10 minutes in Korean during Sacrament about the Book of Mormon and why it means the world to me.  I used to be terrified to talk for 5 minutes in English during Sacrament Meeting, but now I can talk for 10 minutes in Korean and I feel really great.  The Lord is definitely helping me with everything.  He’s the best!

I love you!  I know that Heavenly Father can help you with anything you stand in need of too!  He’s always there!

Have a great week!  좋은 주 보내세요!

Sister Stastny