Burger King and Humidity

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!

Have I expressed to you how much I love 연수 (Yeonsu), my area?  Because I really love it a lot.  I’ve been here about 4-1/2 months and I’m pretty sure I could stay here the rest of my mission and be just fine.  I love the ward, I love the people I’m teaching, and I love our apartment.  Our bishop is great, too.  He lives in the fanciest apartment I have ever seen and his favorite place to take us and everyone he knows is to Burger King.  He loves it.  It makes me feel sick every time because I’m used to my rice, kim (dried seaweed), and kimchi…but bishop is so thrilled to have the opportunity to take us, our investigators, our ward members, and anyone else.. to Burger King, so I eat it to make him happy. I just love Koreans.  They’re the greatest.

It hit a record of about 32 degrees celcius (90~F) this week and what feels like 100% humidity, but I heard that 인천 (Incheon) is actually a bit cooler than what 서울 (Seoul) is, so I’m pretty blessed.  We don’t have any air conditioning in our apartment, but we have a big and small fan, so we just sit in front of it full blast and we’re fine.  I’ve never been in a place so humid though! It’s a bit claustrophobic-feeling because you breathe in and you don’t seem to be getting much air.  It feels like you’re half way underwater or something. It’s an adventure for sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know that God lives, and that he does hear and answer our prayers!  I really am grateful to have the opportunity to share what I love so much to such wonderful people!  Missionary work is the greatest!  I love you and miss you!  Have a great week!

항복하세요! hangbokhaseyo! Stay happy!

❤ Stastny자매