Missionaries and Members

First off, I’m really excited that you might get to try 오이김치 cucumber kimchi!  [Mom’s note: A Hawaiian sister in our ward asked if she could make the family some]  Ummmm!   Jealous!  It’s so good!  I learned that you can kimchi-fy almost anything.  This week I tried octopus and squid kimchi.  It was really good.  Octopus and swimmy creatures used to freak me out, but they’ve grown on me a lot.  They’re quite a delicacy.  This week I ate a whole baby octopus at a Chinese restaurant that a member took us to (dead, not alive thank goodness).   It was really good, kind of chewy, a bit inky, but good 🙂

Wow!  This transfer, our goal as a mission was to pray for our ward and the leaders of the ward!  We’ve seen a lot of miracles from it.  When I first got to this area, there weren’t any investigators coming to church, and the missionaries weren’t invited to any of the ward meetings.  Now, however, we have investigators coming to church and less-active members being reactivated, all of the missionaries are invited and involved in ward meetings, and the ward is just stoked about missionary work!

Lately, lots of the members have been texting us for the phone numbers of our investigators and the people we are working with because they really want to help.  They are so excited about missionary work!  It’s great!  We actually have to regulate who can teach with us lately because so many people want to help!  The Yeounsu ward is my absolute favorite!  I love everyone.

It’s amazing what happens when the ward members take simple steps to befriend and just sit by those that are new or looking into the church.  Because we can’t watch out for everyone that comes to church, the trust that is between us and the member keeps the work progressing and everyone taken care of.  Every week our small ward keeps getting fuller and  and it keeps becoming more like a family!   I really have a testimony that missionary work is 100x more effective when members and missionaries work side by side!  It’s the only way to do things!

Mission Moments:


I think this V shaped thing is famous, but I’m not sure.  I just thought it went well with the cute Korean vegetable garden:)


A view of Korea from an apartment on the edge of Songdo.

A view from the top floor in our bishop’s apartment.  Holy smackeroles.  Songdo is so cool! I don’t know what he does for work, but he has the nicest apartment I’ve ever seen.  He’s always inviting people over and having huge meals with the ward.  The view from his apartment is spectacular!

I hope you have a good week!


Sister Stastny