Happy Days

Me and my new friend –and the V for Victory sign

This coming week our 사랑하는 investigator is going to be baptized!!!  She is the one I told you about a couple weeks ago who started keeping the Word of Wisdom before we even taught her about it and a million other miraculous things!  We are so happy for her!  It’s amazing because we haven’t had to push her or anything.  We simple teach and testify, and she studies and acts on what we teach her to see if it’s true.  She’s a miracle.

This past week, we taught her about temples and how she can be baptized for her ancestors who didn’t have an opportunity to receive the gospel while on this Earth.  She was so excited because she really wants to live in the 해의영광 (Celestial kingdom) someday, and she’s excited that her deceased family can have the opportunity to live there, too.

Also this week, we started meeting with a Nepali girl who we met while talking to people on the street.  She’s doesn’t know much Korean, so she’s pretty happy to have someone who can speak English with her.  She’s Hindu, and is the first person I’ve met that has had an arranged marriage.  She told us about it and how it took a pretty long time (11 days) to get married, but she’s completely head over heels for her husband.  It’s pretty adorable.  She loves to talk about everything good about her husband and is so kind and dear.  She’s definitely filled with the pure love of Christ.  We like her a lot.


In other news, I ate 순대 sundae (not like an ice cream sundae, but pronounced ‘soon-deh’).  In essence, it’s pig intestines filled with coagulated blood.  The dish I had was topped with some nice liver, too.  It didn’t make me gag, so I would call it good.

Mission Moments:

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week!  I loved hearing from everyone!  Tell Norbert, the bearded dragon that Curtis bought, “안녕!”  from me! Ha ha. McCall looked beautiful by the way!!!  So glad you are having a great summer!

❤ Sister Stastny