Speaking by the Spirit



This week has been pretty fun!  Yesterday was the best.  We had a surprise person come to church.  She is this gorgeous 40-year-old girl (who looks like she is–no exaggeration–21).  She used to attend our English class, but got so busy she had to stop coming.  We met with her once and gave her an overview of the Gospel, but she told us she didn’t have much interest.  She does, however, have a couple friends in the church because of English class and has been hanging out with them a lot lately.

Anyway, on Sunday, we see her walking up to church in high-waisted mini shorts, high heels, and a Marilyn Monroe crop top.  Haha!  She didn’t seem to feel out of place, and because we were so happy that she came at all, we decided we would tell her about church dress code another time.  She sat next to her friend that she knew from English class and seemed really comfortable.  We even noticed her during the passing of the Sacrament with her head down and eyes closed–praying!  She’s wonderful! She told us that our church was a lot different from any other Korean church, but that she liked it a lot and wanted to come again.  Sweet!  We love her and we know God loves her too!

Mission Moments:

I also ate a whole chicken filled with rice at a member’s house yesterday.  That’s random, but because I only had metal chopsticks to take the meat apart with, I would say it was a feat for sure.  It was really good!  I’ve never eaten anything like it before.

Everyone seems to be asking how I’m doing with the language lately.  I’m not fluent, but everyday I’m picking up on new words and understanding something that I couldn’t the day before.  It’s a slow process, but I’m trying my hardest and Heavenly Father helps me with the rest.

Something I learned early on about the Gift of Tongues is that it’s not the ability to speak fluently, but the ability to speak by the Spirit.

We’ve been teaching this less-active lady for a while that told me this week that even though I don’t  speak perfectly, and it’s hard to understand me at times, she feels the spirit when I speak because of simple sincerity, and that’s what’s been moving her to read the Book of Mormon and pray a little more every week.

It’s humbling, but once I rely wholly on the Lord, He provides the way for His work to get done.  Not knowing the language perfectly doesn’t hinder the Lord’s work as long as I’m doing what He wants me to do.  So don’t worry! Have a good week!

❤ Sister Stastny

More Pics of Songdo-the crazy man-made island in our area. Check out the picture of me and a mural of a Van Gogh painting I came across in an apartment complex one day.  So sweet. I love Korea!

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