Looking to Serve


This week we worked really hard to find another service opportunity in addition to teaching our free English class on Fridays.  We didn’t find a weekly activity like we had planned, but we did find a plethora of unplanned service activities and it was so great!


We helped a girl in our ward sew her wedding dress this week since her parents don’t approve that she’s marrying another Latter-day Saint and aren’t supporting her with the wedding.  This is a funny service activity because we both don’t know how to sew, yet somehow Sister H and I were able to pin and stitch things so it looked pretty nice.  It helps a lot that this girl in our ward is absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve always wanted to help an old lady cross the road like they do in movies, but I’ve never had the opportunity.  Well…fancy that, because this week we happened to notice at a cross walk a sweet old lady with a walker who looked petrified by the cars going by.  So like a cliche right out of the movies, we slowly but surely guided her across the road holding her hand.  Once we got to the other side of the street she touched our faces and then told us thank you and we just felt so good our hearts were about to burst!

We also had an opportunity to help a lost old lady find her way to the police station and that was beautiful.  She was so kind and thankful.

The point of sharing all these experiences is to let you know that if you are searching for service, Heavenly Father will place opportunities in your path…and it’s awesome!  Service is the thing that always can lift me up even on the hardest days.  I know that “when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of you God,” (Mosiah 2:17), and serving God is the best!

I love you!



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