Staying Put

This week we had transfer calls.  Every 6 weeks the mission President and the assistants to the mission president give us a call to let us know if we are staying in our area with the same companion or not.  All the new missionaries stay with their trainers for at least 12 weeks (which is how long I’ve been with Sister H).


Anyway, the night of transfer calls we were pretty nervous to see what was going to happen and I stress-cleaned the entire apartment, but Sister H and I got the call AND… We get to stay with each other another transfer!!!  Boo-yah!

President actually told us a little before transfer calls that he loves and thinks we’re one of the best companionships in the mission.  I’m not sure if that’s true and he just says that to everyone, but we do get on really well.  We are so excited because miracles are starting to happen in 연수 Yeonsu and we have high hopes that more miracles are yet to happen.

We have a beautiful investigator who we met last week.  She saw the elders in our area on a bus speaking Korean and English, and she approached them and asked if she could buy a Korean Book of Mormon for her sister who lives in America. So naturally, they gave it to her for free and got her number and referred her to us.

She is one of the prepared people that you only hear about in stories.  After meeting with us once, she started researching online all about the church and talking to her friends and family that are members.  Before we taught her the Word of Wisdom, we learned that she was already trying to keep it (which isn’t easy since green tea is in almost everything in Korea, and she loves coffee).

In short, she is wonderful, and she, through the Spirit, her studies, her LDS friends and family members, is changing her life to come closer to God. It’s amazing.  Sister H and I know that we really aren’t the ones that are doing anything in her conversion process.  It’s the Spirit that is doing everything.  We just are sitting back and watching it all happen.

Our lessons with her usually consist of us teaching her what she already had been studying and cheering her on as she commits to live the laws and principles of the Gospel.  We extended to her an invitation to receive baptism and the Holy Ghost and she’s really working hard to be prepared for her date.  After we taught her the Plan of Salvation and the requirements to get into the Celestial Kingdom, she really is excited about baptism.

Yesterday she came to church and was writing notes about what the speakers during Sacrament Meeting were saying (which members don’t even do), participating during Sunday School and Relief Society, and talking to all the members.  Sister H and I were blown away.  We are trying really hard to become the kind of missionaries that a person like her deserves.

Holy Schamoles!  Your hike looks so fun and beautiful! [The family did Angel’s Landing and The Narrows in Zion National Park this past week}  Someday when I get back from my mission I want to go there 🙂

People love hiking in Korea.  They’re so active.  In Korea, when people go hiking though, they always where legit hiking clothes that cover their arms and legs completely, and they usually have a hat/visor on too, because everyone is trying to be as pale as they can.  They think it’s the weirdest thing that westerners want to be tan.  Because it takes more effort to try not to tan (especially in Korea during the humid summer where everyone bakes like cakes), it’s a sign of beauty the more paler you are.  People think I’m really pretty because of how pale my skin is haha. It’s my least favorite compliment:

“Ooh!  Your skin is so pale!”

“Thanks..I guess”

Me and a friend from the ward

Anywhere else I’d be a pasty translucent mess, but I think it’s smart not to try to be tan.  Less chance of getting skin cancer and everything.  Anyway, it’s amazing what’s happening and I’m excited for more miracles!

❤ Sister Stastny