Quentin L. Cook in Korea


Quentin L. Cook came to Korea!!!  No big deal or anything..but he came and spoke to all the missionaries in the Korea Seoul and Seoul South missions.  There were about 400+ of us, and at the beginning of the meeting, he told us he wanted to shake every missionary’s hand.  It took a good 10-20 minutes, and I’m sure his arm was probably dying as he got to the last missionaries, but he was so happy and sincere, and he made sure to look into everyone’s eyes as he gave them a nice smile and a “Hello Sister/Elder!”

It was such a neat experience to get to see and learn from him in person.  I learned that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and him were companions on their missions in England.  That’s only the coolest companionship in the world, and I think it’s so neat that they are now serving together as general authorities.  That was definitely inspired of God to put them as companions on their missions.

My favorite part of the meeting though, is when Elder Cook gave all the missionaries an apostolic blessing.  He told us that what we are doing here to serve the Savior is so important that everybody we love and will love will be blessed because of our service.  That meant a lot to me and since I love all of you so much I wanted to share it with you.  I know Heavenly Father is watching out for you and I’m so thankful for that!

The weather in Korea is getting hotter and more humid.  It’s hard to describe what heat + humidity feels like, but if you want to get a taste for it, I would suggest standing above a pot of boiling water.  It kind of feels like you are getting steamed.  It’s uncomfortable, but since everyone is in the same situation it’s not the worst thing.  I heard from members and missionaries that the summer is so hot and humid, that the clothes you hang up (no one really has a dryer machine, so everything is hung up on clothes rack) don’t dry…and if they do dry, they’ll be damp in a couple minutes because of sweat.  That’s a nice visual.  I’m kind of excited for it, though.  Bring it on, summer!

Mission Moments:


Here’s me with the two hakwon teachers that we are sharing the Gospel with!  Sister H plays the guitar so we promised them that we would sing some hymns for them.  I don’t know why I’m holding a guitar in this picture, because I can’t play the guitar, but here you go anyway 🙂  Humidity is the worst for hair – ahh!


Me rolling some 김밥 (kimbab), hands down my favorite food. So good!

In Doctrine and Covenants 31:7 it says,

Yea, I will open the hearts of the people, and they will receive you, and I will establish a church by your hands.

I know that God is working through us to build His church.  The Gospel is true and it only brings peace, comfort, and happiness to those who receive it, so why not share it with everyone!  It can change lives and change the world.  I love it with all my heart.

❤ Sister Stastny