Cookie Analogies

I LOVED SKYPING YOU for Mother’s Day! The skype machine is so brilliant! Ahhh I loved it! Sorry if I rambled a lot. I was so excited to talk to you that I didn’t really think of what I should say–haha. I’m so grateful that I have such a wonderful family though!

This week we were reading in Alma 44 where one of Moroni’s soldiers does a nice object lesson with the scalp of Zerahemnah, and Sister H and I thought that was really effective, so we decided to do some object lessons of our own with everyone we taught. But instead of cutting off scalps, we decided to make cookies.  It went great! I think what made it really meaningful is we thought of a different analogy for every person.

Me and a little cookie monster (our investigator’s son)

With a few lovely less-active members, we ate cookies and talked about how each ingredient is a commandment, and how all the ingredients combined make a delicious treat that brings us happiness (Eternal Life), so it’s important to keep all the commandments.

With one of our investigators we made cookies with her, her friend, and family and talked about how some ingredients by themselves don’t taste good, and seem to have no meaning (like flour, or baking soda, or raw eggs), and how this is often like trials in our lives–they don’t taste good and they seem to have no meaning. Why do we have them? But in the long run, all the things we go through in our lives do have a purpose and are very important. Just as a cookie needs to go through heat before it is completed, so do we need to “go through the heat” and hard times before we can be perfected.

We had a couple more analogies for different people, but I think you get the point.  Everyone seemed to really like the analogies and get a lot out of them. We were really happy. Even though missionary work is really hard at times, this week taught me that you can have fun and still be a good missionary.

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Here’s a quote Sister H and I made up:

“Sometimes you might feel like a grain of rice in a big bowl of rice, but remember Asians love ALL their rice.”

Deep. We know. We eat a lot rice. Hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Stastny