Easter in Korea

I’ve been hearing all week about the ferry.  There is a school in our area with a bunch of young kids that were on it, and everyone is in mourning.  It’s really sad.  But this video brings so much hope.

Have I told you that I’ve been to a Korean funeral?  It was a couple weeks ago.  A new member in our ward’s mom passed away and we came to support him.  It was very different.  It started the day she died, and it lasts for 3 days.  From what I understood of it, there’s a mourning room and then a happy room where everyone is fed and just hangs out.  We were in the happy room most of the time.  They fed us flattened pig head meat, and it is the grossest thing I have eaten yet.  Anyway, it meant a lot to the man because he loves the missionaries and it was an interesting experience to have for sure.

So funny story about Easter in Korea.  It’s actually called Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, or Resurrection day.  That’s what it literally translates to.  When I heard that, I was just like, Thank you, Heavenly Father, for making my life so easy!  So all of Easter Sunday we went around and asked people if they wanted to come to Church because it was Jesus Christ’s Resurrection day.  Everyone was really nice, but no one had time to make it.  We had a bunch of wonderful conversations from it though.

At church they fed us boiled eggs and it was pretty awesome.  I’m understanding a little more in Church now than I did my first week here.  I can understand a few words here and there and try to piece it together so I at least know what the topic is they are speaking about.  Slowly I will get to where I can understand everything.


Last week I told you about our sweet investigator from China who had dropped us.  We felt prompted to visit her out of the blue this week and share the story of Esther with her.  We told her that just like with Esther and the King, the hearts of her husband and mother-in-law could be softened if she had the courage and faith in God.  She told us that she didn’t believe God could soften their hearts, but she still loved us and would let us meet with her every now and then.

Before we left, she gave us a tithing envelope that she had taken the day she dropped us off at the church.  We thought it was a bit weird, but we didn’t think too much of it. On the envelope she wrote a note in Korean that said, “Thank you God.  Even though I cannot meet with the missionaries, I will always pray for them.  I will also still come to English class.  Thank you God.” 

She had given a really generous donation to the church because she loves it so much.  It was a testimony to me that all of our efforts did mean something to her, and that the Holy Ghost had touched her heart. Even though she doesn’t believe that the hearts of her husband and mother-in-law can be softened, we believe.  We love her so much!

Sometimes I feel really inadequate here in Korea, but I never feel incapable because I have God. Sorry no new pictures this week!  I only have time to email. We’re going to the Seoul Temple on Thursday, so that will be our P-day.

Love you!

❤ Sister Stastny