I love Korea!

me and investigator; dressed in kimono
Me and one of our investigators.  This was the first time I met her and I didn’t understand anything, but all of the sudden I’m dressed up in a Kimono and we’re taking pictures.  Okay!  Right on!

I love Korea!  First off, we committed one of our investigators to baptism.  She’s amazing!  She has so much faith.  She’s from a town outside of Hong Kong, China, and she’s learning English and Korean right now.  We teach her in English because she understands it better than Korean (I do, too), but she reads the Book of Mormon in Mandarin Chinese.  She’s so cool!  She loves the Church, but her husband and mother-in-law go to a different church in Korea and don’t want her to attend our church.

She actually told us that ever since she’s met with the missionaries, she feels really guilty every Sunday that she’s not at our church.  She’s starting to give up coffee, and pray, and do everything that we’ve been teaching her because she believes it’s what God wants her to do.  We felt prompted to promise her that if she keeps trying to keep the commandments, the hearts of her husband and mother-in-law would be opened to her attending and eventually becoming a member of our church like she wants.  Ahh!  She’s so amazing!  I’ve been praying for her everyday.

Something about Korea that I wasn’t expecting was how many Christian churches there are.  There are so many!  I realized that every single corner has a cross on it for this or that church.  Lots of times we run into other preachers on the streets who are passing out things for their church.  Lots of people advertise by putting their info on packages of tissues and wipes.  We have so many wipes in our apartment.  It’s actually kind of nice because some bathrooms in Korea have the toilet paper on the outside of the stalls (don’t ask me why), and their packages come in handy when I forget to grab some before I go into the stall. Haha!  I think lots of the preachers would be mean to us, but they just assume we don’t speak Korean.  I haven’t learned the vocab for anything mean so I wouldn’t understand even if someone was mean to me.  I guess that’s one of the perks of not knowing Korean very well:)  Woo!

This morning was amazing because we invited one of the members in our ward and his mom (who isn’t a member) to come hiking with us. It was so fun!  Something I realized with missionary work is you can make it as boring or as fun as you want.  My companion and I definitely like to have fun!  We like to change things up.

I’ve done missionary work in a bunch of ways already.  I’ve been on the streets just talking to people, I’ve passed out flyers for our free English class at the church, I’ve knocked on doors (it’s fun in Korea, because people will just yell, “Who are you?” from inside their doors, and you start having a conversation while they’re inside their house and you’re outside).  There’s a bunch of things I’ve done.  There’s never enough time to email all about it, but I’ve been a diligent journal writer for once in my life so I can share all my experiences with others when I get back.

I love the old people in Korea.  They are so great.  All the teenagers seem to be at school, or after-school schools, or studying at home.  They don’t seem to be out as much as they do in America…but the Grandmas and Grandpas are living it up.  They’re always at parks with their friends just hanging out and being great!  I love them.  I can’t understand them, and I don’t think they can hear me enough to realize they don’t understand me, but they are so funny and nice most of the time.

All is going well here.  I’ve actually been fed lasagna and pizza already by some members and it’s pretty good.  I don’t miss any American food.  I really like this dessert thing called patbingsu.  It has this sweet red bean paste over this icy mixture that’s kind of like a snow cone!  Oh! It’s soooo good!  I can’t go back to America where they don’t have it now.  It’s too yummy!

I love Korea!  I love the Church!  I love sharing what I love with others!  I also love reading the scriptures!  Ahh they’re just amazing to me!  I’m trying to read the Book of Mormon (Korean and English), New Testament, and Old Testament each day.  It’s my goal to finish reading the Korean Book of Mormon before the end of my mission (and understand at least a little bit of it).  It’s hard for Koreans to understand sometimes, but I really feel like I should do that.

Me and my companion in China Town


Sister Stastny