Super Sister Missionaries

Jeffery R. Holland and his son came this week to speak to us this week. It was amazing! Jeffrey R. Holland’s son speaks just as good as his father does.  He talked about the life of Joseph Smith and it was so powerful.  He told us stories about Joseph Smith’s life that I had never heard before, and he expounded on the stories I already had heard.  The Spirit was strong.

I had a really great experience teaching this week (which was nice, considering last week’s dwerp fest haha).  We taught a native from Korea who was a member, and as soon as I met him, I just felt the Spirit so strongly telling me what message to share with him.  So me and my companions all share something that we hadn’t planned, but it went great.  When it was time to go we asked him to say the closing prayer and he started to choke up and we could tell that he was so grateful for what we had taught him.  It was incredible.

As we left, he grabbed our hands and told us to remember this time when we taught by the Spirit.  It was the best experience on my mission so far.  It felt so good!  I knew my language skills were really bad and I said a lot of things wrong, but it felt like what I wanted to say was just leaping out of me…so I just opened my mouth and went for it.  I learned from this whole experience that it’s not the language that teaches, it’s the Spirit.  Ever since teaching that man, I’ve been less stressed and feeling more successful with the language because I know now that the Spirit can testify to others even when I’m not sure exactly how to in Korean.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ SO MUCH.  It brings so much peace and happiness and I wish everyone understood the full measure of how much it could bless their lives.  It’s crazy that I’ve already been out a month.  I’m also at the half way point in the MTC to Korea. Hooray!

Sister Orme is leaving to Korea in 4 days, so she’s been cleaning out her stuff and she found these awesome gems…so naturally we dressed up as Super Sister missionaries in them and took a bunch of pictures! Yeah, we’re cool.

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I love you all.

Sis. Stastny